by Helen Nakano

Did you know that the headquarters of Hawai’i Meals on Wheels is located at the Manoa Valley Church? Did you know that you can easily find, drive by and enjoy viewing many of the 155 Manoa Valley properties listed on the State Historic Register? Do you know where the public access points for the three Na Ala Hele hiking trails are in Manoa? Soon you will be able to find the answers to all these questions and more.

The “Manoa Community Connections” directory will unlock a treasure trove of resources available for those who live, work, study, worship and play in this Valley. The boundaries of State House District 23 were used to define the Valley. This valuable tool will make it easy for groups and individuals with similar missions to find and collaborate with others to serve this community.

Assembling this directory over past six months demonstrates that we continue working to serve our Valley, despite the limitations this pandemic has imposed on Malama Manoa activities.  Spearheaded by myself, committee members Gail Baron, Vanessa Distajo, Dale Moana Gilmartin, Daniel Jung, and Harry Spiegelberg gathered information for the directory to be organized by editor Andrea Wagner. The dated listings in this living document will indicate how recently the data were obtained.  For Malama Manoa members who receive this newsletter online, the directory is attached. Those who receive this newsletter by mail are directed to our Malama Manoa website, for easy access.

Every effort has been made to include every organization, business and the numerous other resources here in our Valley, but our volunteers may have missed a few. Please email inquiries, corrections and additions to Helen Nakano at

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