Friends and Neighbors,
I’m worried about our imperiled supply of pure water this summer. Aren’t you?
So, move over Board of Water Supply—Only cut back10%? Please, let’s get serious.
Ladies, cut your hair short for the cause. You will need less towels; and, ultimately, save water when doing the family laundry.

Everybody, no more 5-minute showers. Just take 2-bucket baths.
Fill one bucket with soapy water. Wash your face, private parts, and the rest of your body that shows. Refill the bucket with clean water. Rinse yourself.

Join “Snitchers Anonymous” today. Like me, you can be a snitch that truly cares. Call the
BWS Water Waste Hotline at (808) 748-5041 or report all water wasters at Contact us

Be specific. Ideally, give the guardians of our wai a name and number to call. If the water
waste is really egregious, these ignoramuses may even get a friendly phone call from Mr. Lau

Helen Nakano
Mālama Mānoa Founder

Spotlight on Water Wasters
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