By Gail Baron

Mānoa Gallery, tucked away and set back from East Mānoa Road, is hardly noticeable near the corner of Lowrey. It houses revolving shows of contemporary art and artists, some of them emerging and some icons of the valley where they are shown. Owner, Cathy Cooke, has a long tradition of fine art, having grown up at Kūali‘i, the ancestral home of her parents, Sam and Mary Cooke, founders of the Mānoa Heritage Center. Mary also co-founded Mālama Mānoa. Cathy’s childhood residence is home to a collection of outstanding art. Her good friend is Russell Lowrey, whose paintings grace many a home in the islands and across several continents. The Honolulu Museum of Art houses pieces by her uncle, Lloyd Sexton, whose landscapes will take your breath away. Cathy’s grounding in such an environment nudged her into opening Mānoa Gallery, a tiny little gem hidden away in the valley, where she has continued that legacy. for dates and times.

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