Oral History

Founders Mary Cooke and Helen Nakano

Alexander family (William, DeWitt, Mary) 1979

Akiona, Ramona Noelani 2019

Ramona Noelani Akiona

Amalu, Sammy pt1 1978

Amalu, Sammy  pt2 1978

Sammy Amalu

Anderson, Donald 1981

Arizumi, Charles 1994

Beardmore, Dorothy Anderson 1979

Beech, Linda 1981

Linda Beech

Bowers, Mandy Blake 2021

Mandy Blake Bowers

Bromley, Allyn 2021

Allyn Bromley

Cambra, Matilda 1981

Clark, Montgomery 1981

Cooke, Mary and Nakano, Helen 2019

Cooke, Sam

Sam Cooke

Cooke, Sam and Mary 2009

Sam and Mary Cooke

Davison, Mary Jane Ahia 1981

Elbert, Samuel 1979

Furer, Frederick 1983

Greenwell, Lulu 1970

Hedemann, Nancy Oakley 1984

Henke, Louis 1981

Higgins, Ronald 1985

Holt, John and Patches  pt 1

Holt, John and Patches  pt 2

Iwasaki, Shigeto

Johnson, Rubellite Kinney 1979

Kobayashi, Ann 2019

Former City Council Chair
Ann Kobayashi

Kortshak, Kate

Krauss, Beatrice lecture 1979

Krauss, Beatrice Vol. 1

Krauss, Beatrice Vol. 2

Krauss, Beatrice Vol. 3

Bea Krauss

Krauss, Beatrice Vol. 4

Krauss, Beatrice Vol. 5

Krauss, Beatrice Vol. 6

Krauss, Beatrice Vol. 7 & 8

Lindley, Samuel

Lyman-Mersereau, Marion

Marion Lyman-Mersereau

Mann, J Cline 1986

Mann, J Cline lecture 1981

Oda, Noboru

Noboru Oda

Okimura, Kenji pt I 1980

Okimura, Kenji pt II 1980

Okimura, Kenji pt III 1980

Ramiro, Rosie

Rosie Ramiro

Reed, Miriam Woolsey 1979

Reed, Miriam Woolsey 2003

Shigemoto, Elaine & Tony 1984

Shigemoto, Tony 1984

Souza, Mina 1983

Spiegelberg, Harrison

Harrison Spiegelberg

Taniguchi, Sen. Brian

Senator Brian Taniguchi

Topolinski, John lecture

Turner, Helen 1986

UH Oral History Cooke 2009

Wax, Mary Jane Brown pt I 1979

Wax, Mary Jane Brown pt II 1979

Wong, Robert and Charles

Robert Wong (left) and Charles Wong (right)

Woolsey, George 1980

Woolsey, Miriam Reed & George 1980

Miriam Woolsey

Yoshikawa, Yukio 1986

Young, Margaret

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