Melting Manoa

Oct 25 League of Women Voters Meeting:


Beautiful valley. Beautiful trees.
Beautiful waterfalls. And it’s melt-­
ing. Why? See what’s behind it.
The LWV-Honolulu Environment
Committee will present a slide
show on erosion in Oahu’s water-­
sheds, focusing on Manoa Valley.
What does it look like? What
causes it? What impact does it
have? How can we help it? Join us
at LWV-Honolulu’s mid-term
membership meeting, Friday, October
25, 2013, from 10:30 am to
noon at Treetops Restaurant, Paradise
Park, 3737 Manoa Road.
The slide show will be followed by
a lunch buffet at the Park’s Tree-­
tops Restaurant. This event is open
to all, not just League members.
The cost for the buffet lunch is
$15.60 (this includes tax and gratuity).
Make your check payable
to LWV-Honolulu and send with
your name and contact information
to LWV-Honolulu, 49 South Hotel
Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 97813,
Attention: Janet Mason.
An optional walk in Paradise Park
will follow for those who want to
see firsthand the causes and effects
of unmitigated erosion in our watersheds.
If you’re walking, com-­
fortable shoes that can withstand
wet ground are recommended.

Karen Ah Mai, chair
Environmental Concerns