On June 25th, the Manoa RAD Hui (Rapid Albizia Death) took to Mānoa Stream for the first ever albizia seedling roundup. Albizia are one of the worst invasive plants in Hawaii and readily established along streams. This coordinated effort between a rockstar group of community members, Mālama Mānoa, and the Ko’olau Mountains Watershed Partnership marked the first step towards stopping the spread and curbing the negative impacts of Albizia trees along the urban stream corridor. At the end of the day, over 1,200 albizia seedlings and saplings were removed. “With an annual sweep like this, we can keep on top of all the new trees coming up.” Says Scott Snider. “The next step is finding a way to tackle the dozen or so large trees that remain.”

Top row: JC Watson, Ian Ross, Scott Snider, Wes Oda, Jon Manago
Bottom Row: Dylan Davis, Frankie Koethe, Kāne Kawelo

June 25th Manoa RAD Hui
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