National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference Delegate

Mālama Mānoa also sends a delegate to the National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference held each October in various mainland cities: Delegates attending include Helen Nakano (’95) to Ft. Worth, Texas; Kozen Kaneshiro (’96) to Chicago, Illinois; Barbara Lowe (’97) to Santa Fe, New Mexico; Beryl Blaich (’98) to Savannah, Georgia; Mike Durant (’99) to Wash, DC; Joe Farber (‘00) to Los Angeles, California; George Arizumi (‘01) to Providence, Rhode Island; Thalya DeMott (‘02) to Cleveland, Ohio; Linda LeGrande (‘03) to Denver, Colorado; Naomi Ohta (‘04) to Louisville, Kentucky; Aurora Fruehling (‘05) to Portland, Oregon; Jan Tucker and Diane Ito (’09) to Nashville, Tennessee; Mayumi Hara (’10) to Austin, Texas; Pat Chung and Linda LeGrande (’11) to Buffalo, New York. Buffalo City Hall ceiling  

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