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Mānoa Community Active in Correcting Reapportionment Injustice

by Bill Hicks Proper apportionment of our population into representative districts is one of the cornerstone foundations of our democracy. Our Hawai‘i Constitution enumerates how apportionment shall occur every 10 years, using a bipartisan Reapportionment Commission following sensible guidelines. Improper apportionment for specific political purposes can result in gerrymandering, polarization, and the silencing of certain …

Synergy Sparked by Confabulous Success

by Vanessa Distajo Sunday, December 5th, 2021, was the first ever “Confabulous Summit” for Mānoa Stakeholder organizations. Originally planned as an in-person event, it pivoted to virtual due to pandemic concerns. Mālama Mānoa partnered with community members Peter Adler, Dylan Armstrong, Enoch Brownell, Ann Kobayashi, Mamie Lawrence Gallagher, Jacky Mee-Lee, and Dr. Dan Milz, UH …

JJ’s Rescue

by Thalya DeMott On a briskly windy day, while visiting a friend, they showed me a shoebox containing a tiny, disheveled creature with closed eyes and chest heaving rapidly. “We just found it under the tall mango tree with ants crawling on it. What do we do?” Realizing my friends knew even less than I …

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