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Kamānele Park Community Service Day July 24th

Aloha Mālama Mānoa! Thank you to our Board Members and fourteen volunteers, including an archaeologist from OASES, who participated in the invasive vegetation removal at the heiau site. It was an ideal, collaborative service project because we had volunteers representing various organizations including Mālama Mānoa, Mānoa Outdoor Circle, Blue Zones Project 4M, and the Army …

Go Deeper

Phyllis offering an invitation to forest bathing participants, 2019. Credit: Elyse Butler/Hana Hou! Magazine by Phyllis Look For those of us who call Mānoa home, we know when we’ve crossed that invisible threshold on our return mauka. Immediately, we feel the Valley’s cool, green embrace, we breathe easier, our hearts lighten. You’ve just experienced a …

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