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Spotlight on Water Wasters

Friends and Neighbors,I’m worried about our imperiled supply of pure water this summer. Aren’t you?So, move over Board of Water Supply—Only cut back10%? Please, let’s get serious.Ladies, cut your hair short for the cause. You will need less towels; and, ultimately, save water when doing the family laundry. Everybody, no more 5-minute showers. Just take …

June 25th Manoa RAD Hui

On June 25th, the Manoa RAD Hui (Rapid Albizia Death) took to Mānoa Stream for the first ever albizia seedling roundup. Albizia are one of the worst invasive plants in Hawaii and readily established along streams. This coordinated effort between a rockstar group of community members, Mālama Mānoa, and the Ko’olau Mountains Watershed Partnership marked …

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