The Manoa Branch of the Outdoor Circle, Malama Manoa, and the Lyon Arboretum, are hosting the 1000 Tree Giveaway on Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 2234 Kamehameha Avenue (College Hill). Over a thousand trees and plants will be given away for free between the hours of 8 am to 11:30 am. You will be given choices of dozens of plants and endemic trees. Arborists will be present to answer questions and give advice on the care and planting of trees.

Our urban forest is diminishing day by day! In Manoa, new construction abounds with tons of concrete for ohana additions, new homes, more parking space, and storage. We are taking a small step to increase the shade, diminish the glare, cool the increasing temperatures and make the island healthier.

Studies consistently reveal that landscaping increases the value of a property and its desirability. Mature trees enhance a property’s appearance. Planting trees, grass and shrubs pay huge dividends. It can cut energy bills and reduce your water bill. Trees keep the ground cooler. One study has shown that the shade produced by trees can rid a home of heat that would have taken two air conditioners to cool.

Air quality is improved. Trees help anchor soil to prevent erosion. Trees reduce runoff, saving the costs of drainage ditches and storms drains. Trees play an important role in deadening noise and absorbing unwanted sounds. Trees reduce smog. So, the importance of trees to our quality of life requires that we protect them, as we have in passing The Exceptional Tree Law in Hawaii. But we must be proactive and plant new trees and try to balance the destruction of so many mature trees that have grown for so many years. We all realize that trees are a critical component of numerous ecosystems and provide habitat for birds, small animal and flowers.

This year, the varieties of trees and plants will include kukui nut, monkeypod, hau (variegated and non-variegated), koa, ulu, mountain apple, soapberry, plumeria, avocado, milo, dwarf hau, red and green ti, false wiliwili, anthuriums, croton, monstera, palms, papaya, and many others. Street parking should be ample.

We hope everyone will spread the word and share this post through the community about this upcoming biennial event. Mark your calendars! Do something about the hot weather. You are sitting in the shade today because someone has planted a tree. Save our island. Save our planet. Please plant a tree!

1000 Tree Giveaway: YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED!!!
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